Round 05 - 11 - FINAL -

posted December 2nd, 2015, 5:33 pm

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September 20th, 2015, 5:40 pm

Captain Ghost


Hello everyone! The following is an excerpt from my initial 'thank you' written on my dA upon the conclusion of the tournament - in the end, I came in second place, losing to yena-kiachia's final round. Still, it was a very valuable 6 n a half months' learning experience, and I am glad I have a finished story to show for it.

Of course I'd do things over differently now, -- after all, this comic initially finished up in July of 2013. People grow. But I am still proud of many things in it.

Anyway, here we go.

"This chapter in Rika and Mathew's respective stories now comes to an end. I *think* I've tied up the loose ends, save perhaps one-- Mathew and his 'ranger' disguise. If I could do this over again I might touch more on that but in the end, it didn't wind up being terribly relevant. -shrug-

Anyway, onward! Mat's discovered his reason for following Rika to Holon, but things didn't really turn out. He's not accustomed to losing... Odds are, he's still one pretty confused guy, but he won't stay idle long. Never does. As for Rika, treatment is on the way and she's made a few friends. Oh! And maybe she'll be talking to Vera about some of her designing, eh? Who knows~

BONUS: [link] This is the song that pretty much prompted the Rika/Mat theme and my entering this tournament in the first place. Without this remix, this comic might not exist (: "

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And, of course, thank you all for revisiting this journey with me! <3 I know it was a far from perfect endeavour, but I hope you found some enjoyment out of it nonetheless. <3

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