03 - 01 - Intermission *See Comments*

posted June 24th, 2015, 11:23 pm

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June 24th, 2015, 11:23 pm

Captain Ghost


[[Author's note: So, yeah. This is an intermission - but it IS canon and will include a mote of information important to the next round. It was optional so I kept it easy, since I needed something of a break at the time.
Next round will resume as the usual tower comics. In the meantime, hope this'll do <3 Tried to keep the writing short & sweet.]]

In the warm glow of a fiery sunrise, her wistful expression was hard to miss. What could she be thinking? Mathew didn't have long to wonder. The official ceremony having come to an end, an impatient Rika, forthcoming as always, was quick to jump up and share her thoughts on the matter:

"Eeeee! They're so cute! D'you think that could be me, someday?"

Mathew checked the urge to roll his eyes, instead giving in to serious consideration of her question. His answer, however, he kept to himself. With a wide yawn in protest of the early hour, he turned to partly face his friend.

"Whatcha lookin' at?"

Her question startled him, driving home the truth: he'd been caught staring. A light frown creased his brows.

"You, I guess. Weren't you here with a goal in mind?"


As Rika took a sip of her drink, Mathew sighed. This girl was too easily distracted for her own good. Tapping his index finger on the table in thought, he hemmed and hawed a moment, before finally coming to what he thought an agreeable reply:

"You wanted to meet people, right? Back in Violet City, you were telling me how you wanted to go to Holon - not only to test yourself but to make new acquaintances. How's that coming along?"

It was Rika's turn to frown, but the look was shortlived, quickly replaced by a wide smile. She began counting on her fingers.

"It's coming along fine, I guess? I've met, lessee, Vera, Rylee, Arby, Ice Cream Guy, Judge Guy (sorta), and... that's it? One, two, three... Five people?"

"Wouldn't you like to triple that number? There were fifteen other competitors, right?" He could tell by the way she perked up that he'd successfully caught her attention. Good. With a smirk, he reached over to the glass she'd set down and had himself a sip. He made a face. "You still drink this crap? Augh... Anyway. I've a challenge for you."

Rika was nearly bouncing on the spot. Mathew grinned, pleased at the reaction he'd elicited. It wasn't terribly difficult to get the girl excited, but it never got dull. Passing her back her drink, he turned his back to the table and leaned against it. He motioned in the direction of the small jungle expanse before them.

"A lot of the trainers are taking this time off to explore the island. You still have your SmartDex on you, yeah?" He continued when she nodded. "There's a Pal Pad app on it, where you can exchange records with a friend. I'm suggesting we use that as a way to measure our progress. The person with the most names collected at the end of the match is the winner. Sound good?"

Rika's grin was answer enough.

Game on.

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